7 iun. 2013


Incepand de azi , Vinerea o sa o dedic guest posturilor,prima invitata e ILLY ,o fata din Croatia foarte talentata si pe care o gasiti pe http://nails-and-more.blogspot.com,a ales  sa ne prezinte o  oja Flormar,Magnetic Twist MG03 ,un brand bine cunoscut la noi dar mai bine va las cu Illy :)

''If you haven't encounter cosmetic brand Flormar, I advise you to go to the nearest Flormar store and look at their collection. This Turkish brand produces bunch of nail polishes of various colors and effects, with very good quality, and at the same time low price! Here in Croatia (Balkan) you can buy Flormar polishes for only 2€ with quantity of any ordinary polish.
Nail polish that I introduce to you today is part of Magnetic twist collection, MG 04. Polishes from that collection can be worn as ordinary polish, but if you are use the magnet that is attached with it you will get an effect that everyone will notice
After you put on this nail polish, do not wait for it to dry. Take a magnet and put it over the nail for a few seconds. Magnet will draw the magnetic particles to the surface and create a contrast which you can see in the picture.

About the color
This polish in one coat has lilac-pink color. After using magnet,  color separates in dark gray and light, almost pink hue. Type of color is metallic.

The effect of magnet on lacquer reminds me of the desert dunes. Not just because of the line shapes, but when you look at the polish you have feeling that one stripes are higher than the others, what gives you 3D effect.
What I really like about this polish is that it is applied in only one coat after which you use the magnet, so it will take the same amount of time for this manicure as when you apply 2 or 3 coats of ordinary polish. Therefore you use smaller amount of polishes so this one will really last long for everyone that owns it.
Besides a beautiful contrast you can see in this polish, on the sun you can see overflow of glittering particles.

For the end, closeup picture:
Big thanks to Chris for her hospitality! Hope you liked my guest post ''
Thank you  Illy for accepting my invitation :*

Pe mine m-a convins,voi ce ziceti?
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